Amazon Advertising Optimization Services

Amazon Advertising Optimization Services

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Amazon is pay to play for those who are serious about driving revenue growth.  This wasn't always the way - but it is now.  We are Amazon Advertising partners that are certified in Amazon Advertising and can help from initial strategy to full blow account management.

Amazon Advertising services include:


What keywords are being used and how can we increase revenue using this data.


What's the budget?  What's the goal?  How many campaigns can we put in place to achieve the desired outcomes?  We provide a full strategy backed by data before a dime is spent.


Now that we know what keywords are converting, and our strategy in place - how do we translate that into real campaigns inside Amazon Ad Console?  We set up the campaigns for you and monitor, enhance and grow your revenues.


Why choose Selling Rocket?

  • Results.  Our clients collectively produce 7 figures a month in Ad Revenue within Amazon.
  • Experience.  We have spent millions in advertising on Amazon.  We know what works and what doesn't.


Package Options: (per product)

We will create an Auto and Manual campaign strategy and create the campaigns in your Amazon account.

Basic + 2 additional campaigns for your product with advanced strategies.

Standard + weekly maintenance, optimization and enhancements for 30 days.  If recurring (longer than 30 days), a 1% Ad Revenue charge will be added to the recurring bill.

We will audit your campaign for a specific product and give a full report on suggestions, changes and enhancements.