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How to reinstate your product on Amazon if you received a pesticide claim notification.

Before we get into resolving your issue, let's talk about why it is happening.  The EPA has ordered Amazon to halt illegal pesticide sales.  You can read the official EPA article here 

he reason the EPA is doing this is to protect consumers from misleading claims and to stop fraudulent products from being sold on Amazon.  But why was your listing taken down?

Amazon has started to aggressively search for any products that have ANY pesticide claims in the title, description or bullet points.  Once found, they are removing the listing and sending sellers a notification of the issue.

What exactly is a pesticide claim?

Here is the EPA's description to read.  An example would be "anti-bacterial" or "prevents mold"  or "prevents mildew".  To make these claims, the EPA requires that your product or element of your product be registered with the EPA.

How to resolve the issue and get your Amazon listing reinstated

Step 1:  Identify your "trigger" words that are flagging your listing.  If your listing's bullet point or description has for example "prevents mildew", that is the trigger word Amazon has located.

Step 2:  Remove the claim.  Remove this "trigger" word or phrase from your listing's data.  Avoid making any claims revolving "preventing", "anti-" or "removes".

Step 3:  Inside the Amazon Edit Product UI, navigate to the "Compliance Tab".  Here, you will scroll down to the Pesticide section.  In the field "Pesticide Marking" select "EPA Registration Number" from the drop down.  Next, in the Pesticide Registration Status field, select the "This product is not a pesticide or..." option.

Step 4:  Save and finish editing your listing and within 48 hours your product should be active again.  

If you are still having trouble, reach out directly and we can help troubleshoot and get your listing active and selling again.