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Guide: How To Remove Negative Feedback From A Product On Amazon

Seeing negative product feedback on your listing can cause anxiety, frustration and can leave you feeling helpless.  This doesn't have to be the case.  If the review is a legitimate review, take the feedback as valuable insight on how to better your product.  But if the review is from something out of your control, or you suspect foul play from a competitor, there is something you should do about it.  In this guide we walk through your 2 options to remove negative product feedback.


Option 1.  Contacting Amazon to Remove Feedback

This option is the first option you should take when combatting a negative product review on your listing.  Here is a specific example of when this is useful.  Your product is a glass Christmas ornament.  And Let's say Amazon has been instructed (and verified) that the FC is required to use a certain type of box to ship your product.  You find out the FC employee made a mistake and shipped your glass ornament inside an Amazon bubble mailer.  We all know what's going to happen with that ornament by time it arrives to the customer.  Pure shattered disappointment.  Now the customer leaves your product a negative review because it arrived damaged.  This is a perfect scenario for you to contact Amazon to remove the negative product feedback.  Here is how you do it:

Step 1:  Create a case with seller support by navigating here:

Step 2:  Navigate to Products, Listings, or Inventory > Product Reviews


Step 3:  On this screen, under the "Please describer your issue" box, follow the instructions and give specific reasoning on why the review should be removed.


Option 2. Contacting a Customer to Remove Feedback

 First.  Review manipulation is against Amazon TOS, so don't do this.  An example of review manipulation is asking a customer to remove their negative feedback in exchange for something like a refund.  Instead follow our instructions below.

Continuing with our example with the glass ornament, you should first lookup the order that resulted in the negative feedback and refund the customer or send a replacement.  You need to take care of the customer first.  After the customer's issue has been resolved, an acceptable message to the customer below could be used:

Dear Customer,

We apologize about the poor experience you had with your order arriving damaged.  We hope by replacing the product with a replacement packed properly along with a partial refund for the inconvenience has been an acceptable resolution to you.

If you feel we have adequately addressed all of your concerns you had about the product and experience, then we are kindly asking you to consider removing your negative feedback you left for the product.

[insert product review link] <- this link will help customer easily navigate the place where they can remove the feedback.

Thank you for your business,

[Amazon Seller]

Note:  Buyers need to get the negative feedback removed within 90 days of purchase or 60 days of the date the feedback was posted.  After this timeframe, it is ineligible for removal.


If you still need help, don't be afraid to reach out.


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